Katherine Matthews
Katherine Matthews
Naturopath | Nutritionist | NIS | Medical Herbalist

 Naturopath  |  Nutritionist  |  NIS  |  Medical Herbalist


Hi there,
I’m Katherine Matthews

And welcome to my world of naturopathic and nutritional medicine . I am passionate about being a naturopathic clinician, educator and advocate - to increase the wellbeing of individuals and of our communities.

I understand that you are unique and you should be treated as an individual. I believe that you should be able to rely on your health to enable you to do all the activities you wish to do and that if we provide the body with the right environment it has the innate ability to resolve any dis-ease. The bottom line is that feeling tired, in pain, and hormonal is not our natural state.

As a naturopathic clinician It is my passion to walk alongside you as you become more of your vital self.

During a consult with me I will get to know ‘you’ and provide you with a comprehensive personalised wellness plan and nutrition analysis that gets to the underlying root cause of your health concerns to gain real results. These consults combine the most current scientific evidence with traditional naturopathic knowledge and herbal medicine.

Some of the tools I use are functional nutrition, dietary supplements, blood tests botanical medicines, and lifestyle relaxation techniques. My focus is to empower my clients to be influential in their own health journey through knowledge, education and supporting them to reach their goals.

Lets have a chat and see how I can help you.


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